hope for haiti

“And this will be the entrance to the school, one day...”

Hughes Bastien

Hugues Bastien sees something on the island of Hispaniola that no one has seen in 200 years. His native country Haiti is a small Caribbean country nestled next to the Dominican Republic; but unlike its vacation destination neighbors, Haiti has been plagued with political unrest, corruption and destitute poverty since it declared its independence from France in 1804.

Completing his academic studies in the United States, Hugues – like his mother and father – seeks connection to the heritage that so distinctly shaped his upbringing as well as his spiritual convictions. Soon, these convictions open a new path for Hugues, as he heeds a personal call to rebuild his homeland.

A leap of faith motivates Bastien to establish the Coalition of Children In Need Association (C.O.C.I.N.A) as an overseas response to the desperate needs of children in rural Haiti. This non-profit entity enables him to create a school that some call "a miracle rising from the dust." Institution Univers is a school unsurpassed by any in Haiti; and if all goes as planned, it will someday rival school systems in the United States.

A decade later, the 16-room school building accommodates over a thousand students from kindergarten to eighth grade. Students, who previously had no hope of attending school at all, now receive a first-class academic and spiritual education. Forging into the future with a passion rarely seen on earth, Bastien continues to volunteer as the school’s director, determined to breathe new life into his community.

"Hope for Haiti" chronicles the life of this great man as his past merges into the future of Haiti. Surrounded by poverty, violence, and uncertainty, Institution Univers continues to be a beacon of light in the remote town of Ouanaminthe, a reminder that there is Hope for Haiti...

Hope for Haiti: Haiti

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Hope For Haiti


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