Grant Knisely's Previous Films

In 2001 I traveled to the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal and the chaotic capital of Kathmandu as part of an International Service Learning course. One of the organizations we volunteered with was Missionaries of Charity; founded by Mother Theresa. Above the main entrance was a small hand-carved wooden sign that said, "God is Love." Sometimes I struggle to believe this is true when I witness horrific injustices around the world. But when I saw people of different ages and nationalities scrubbing the floors and serving the deformed and diseased at Missionaries of Charity, I was forever changed.

Traveling around the world, one is exposed to the raw reality of pain, poverty, suffering and injustice. My goal is to illuminate individuals and organizations daring to make a difference. Unfortunately, most of society is not interested in the Truth because the Truth is not profitable, the Truth is not pretty and the Truth is too risky. And yet, I believe, finding the Truth and sharing these stories are worth the risk.

What are you doing for others? This question was often asked and reflected upon by the late Martin Luther King Jr. He recognized an injustice in society and gave his life to change it; he was willing to die and ultimately did that others might live, free.

In some of the most impoverished corners of the world I have encountered some of the greatest displays of generosity. In some of the darkest places on earth, where death is a local resident, I've witnessed some of the most inspiring signs of Life and the most radiant rays of Hope. I have wept, I have laughed and I have stood in awe of creation, humanity and the sacrificial acts of others.

When I decide to produce a documentary film, I don't know how I'm going to fund it or who might volunteer to assist. Each film has been fueled by faith and funded by the generosity of others -- sometimes anonymous strangers. I don't find stories, they find me. The genesis of each film is a unique story in itself. Sometimes I'll stumble across them during a caffeinated conversation with friends, browsing articles online or while talking to strangers in the street. Someone may share a story of injustice or suggest an individual who has been particularly inspiring in their life. Prayer has been pivotal throughout the journey. God is an intimate ally in all aspects of the production process. On every project, resources and people have been divinely orchestrated at the right place at the right time; I have witnessed a multitude of miracles and look forward to many more...

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